Up Your Battery Investment With MK Battery for Your Essential Services

We thought that with 2021, businesses might be able to breathe a bit easier with the worst of the pandemic behind us. But this year has already started up with plenty of issues. A massive winter storm blew through mid-February and took out the power for tens of millions of Texan businesses and homes. This winter storm in particular emphasized just how important an early battery investment with MK Battery can be -- especially for those involved in essential services.

Essential services refers to those businesses or occupations that the government has considered so necessary to the general working of a country that they have special restrictions in regards to closure notices and labor actions. One thing that ensures those operations stay operating through ice storms and other disruptions is a quality battery investment. This is because a battery investment increases one's energy storage solutions and makes it possible to access more energy in the event of an outage or disruption in service.

MK Battery: Powering Essential Companies With the Battery Investment They Need To Stay Powered On

Here at MK Battery, we are proud to have worked with an array of essential businesses, including the following:

  • Healthcare. Perhaps one of the most obvious of essential services during this pandemic, but it bears highlighting just how important it is for healthcare businesses and services to have a battery investment they can rely on during a power outage. A battery investment is also important for an individual's healthcare needs, such as to power mobility devices. Hospitals and doctors require on-hand batteries for use in portable x-ray machines, defibrillators, ventilators, and more. 
  • Telecommunications and data centers. We've written about this before, with tens of thousands of Californians losing their phone service due to the energy shortages at telecommunications and data centers. If they had had the proper battery investment at those centers, customers would have stayed online. MK Battery is proud to provide critical battery back-up solutions for a myriad of telecommunications and data centers to prevent such a repeat event.
  • Traffic and railroad systems. Railroad utilities and railroad companies are essential, as it is by rail that many essential goods are shipped, while things like railroad crossings ensure that people stay safe. Backup battery investment solutions help ensure that energy disruptions don't mean costly or unsafe disruptions. Additionally, backup battery solutions are an integral part of traffic systems beyond use in just railroad solutions. Battery solutions are also a part of what keeps traffic lights and other services operational. 

Contact MK Battery for More Information

The above are just a few of the very important businesses and industries that provide essential services which must be kept up and running -- which means they must be kept powered with access to reliable battery solutions.

While the government does have a select few industries that it calls essential businesses, we know that for every individual, 'essential' has a particular meaning. Every business is essential to someone, and here at MK Battery, we are dedicated to providing all with the battery investment they need to be successful. So are you ready to get powered up and improve the battery storage solution at your business or your home? If so, contact our team at MK Battery today and let's get you the battery investment that meets your needs and energy goals. 

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