What Type of Deka Solar Batteries Should You Buy?

MK Battery is proud to sell Deka Solar batteries through our online store and via our distributors. Deka Solar batteries are manufactured by East Penn and have far and away proven themselves to be reliable, long-lasting energy solutions for both commercial and residential use. If you're in the market for solar batteries, then you really cannot go wrong with this brand.

There are more than just one type of Deka Solar batteries and while all are excellent choices, some are more appropriate in certain applications than others. The following is a more in-depth look at those primary types to help you best determine which Deka Solar battery you should buy:

The Different Types of Deka Solar Batteries Available From MK Battery

1. Deka Gel Monobloc

The Deka Gel Monobloc solar battery utilizes a thixotropic gel that offers outstanding protection for the battery plates. Better protection makes these batteries best suitable for deep cycle discharges, such that are often necessary by those needing batteries for motorhomes, boating applications, and in use with solar systems. This unique gel construction also makes the Deka Gel Monobloc maintenance-free.

Other great features of the Deka Gel Monobloc solar battery include:

  • A very low self-discharge of under 2% a month. This means owners will lose very little energy during storage and transportation.
  • Exclusive IPF Technology. This technology optimizes the battery's power capacity to give it even greater long-term reliability.

2. Deka Solar Maintenance Saver Flooded Battery Set-up

This Deka Solar battery can be bought as one cell or the entire system. These Deka Solar batteries are specifically designed for higher voltage systems that have more intense power requirements. They are an ideal choice for heavy-use commercial and some residential solar systems. 

Other great features of the Deka Solar Maintenance Saver Flooded System include:

  • Deka Exclusive IPF Technology. This battery system includes that same aforementioned technology that optimizes its power capacity and ensures long-term reliability. It also uniquely separates battery cells so as to enhance cell to cell charge for effective voltage. 
  • High impact jar and cover. This system features a polypropylene jar and cover for added safety.

3. Deka Solar AGM Monobloc Batteries

The Deka Solar AGM Monobloc batteries are always a good all-around buy when you need something affordable and effective. These batteries feature Deka's own Unigy II Interlock System which features modules that enable easy front access bolting -- which comes in handy for those needing a significant amount of batteries for their energy system. 

Other great features of the Deka Solar AGM Monobloc Batteries include:

  • Sealed AGM technology. This battery technology provides the advantage of no to low maintenance. 
  • No leakage. Every Deka Solar AGM Monobloc Battery is designed to not leak, making it a safe battery choice.

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There are a lot of reasons to love Deka Solar batteries, as you can see from just the above quick snapshot of outstanding features in each and every Deka battery. But that list is just the beginning. We also love that Deka Solar batteries, like many of our own batteries, are almost exclusively designed and manufactured in the United States utilizing only the highest-quality ingredients. Buying a Deka Solar battery is buying American and our team at MK Battery will always support that! 

For more information about Deka Solar batteries, help in choosing the right batteries for your business or home, or for other inquiries, contact our team today. 

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