Prevention and Signs of Needing a New Battery Before It's Too Late

Our team at MK Battery likes to think of our batteries as tanks of energy. Our batteries are built to be tough because many of them are used in situations where extended battery life is incredibly important, such as in remote data centers, mobility devices, boats and RVs, and much more. When battery life is what keeps your regular life operations going, you need dependability. What you don't need, is your battery suddenly fully discharging and dying, because when you use batteries in critical equipment, unexpected discharge is more than just a mere annoyance.

The good news is that while a 12-volt battery may suddenly, unexpectedly die on you, most batteries will display signs that show their battery life is almost up. So long as you know those signs of a battery nearing the end of its life, you can be proactive and replace the battery before it leaves you stranded or in a critical healthcare emergency. Here are some of the most important things to look out for: 

Signs You Need a New Battery

  • Equipment or vehicles are slow to turn on and start. It doesn't matter what you are using a battery or battery bank for, could be in a scooter or hooked up to a mobile ventilator, if whatever you are using it for is slow to start and turn on, then your battery is likely failing. So if you're noticing a sputtering or a new delay when switching on your battery-powered devices, it's time for a replacement.
  • Lights are dimmer than normal. One dim light on a display segment may be caused by a burned-out LED, but it becomes a battery life issue when all of the lights are dim. The low-energy electronic components of any device, be it a vehicle or a healthcare unit, are the first components to start acting abnormally when the battery life is failing. Lights tend to be the most obvious, but other low-energy components to be on the lookout for include other mechanical or charging features. If any of these stop working as they should, start shopping for a new battery.
  • There's a rotten egg smell. If you start smelling something like rotten eggs, stop everything you're doing and inspect your battery. This smell is often caused by a leaking battery, but that leak may not always be visible. Sometimes an internal short can cause a gas leak that won't fully prevent the battery from operating, but will lead to that ugly scent. Left unreplaced, the battery will eventually fail. Furthermore, keeping a leaking gas battery is dangerous and you risk an explosion that may cause injuries.

MK Battery Can Help You Find a New Battery

MK Battery has knowledgeable staff that can help you get a new battery when it's time. They understand your needs and have the perfect battery to get your product back in action, be it a wheelchair, floor cleaning device, or other mechanism. Our batteries are manufactured with performance and longevity in mind, making them durable and reliable. For more information about extending the life of your batteries or to get a new one today, contact MK Battery

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