What Are Gel Batteries?

Over the last decade, reliance on battery power has skyrocketed across nearly every industry. In that time, we have also created a variety of new battery technologies to handle the demand while improving the functionality of some older designs. Today, one of our most reliable battery types comes in the form of gel batteries.

What Are Gel Batteries?

Gel batteries were designed to solve some of the problems inherent with wet lead-acid batteries. Namely, instead of using a liquid electrolyte solution, they use a gel. By suspending the electrolyte in gel, it is able to perform the same as a liquid, but it is not subject to spilling, splashing, or other hazards that were standard with a wet battery. This means that gel batteries can be used in transportation and other applications more easily without having to give special consideration to the possibility of leaking.

The gel is also less susceptible to heat variations and other environmental factors that could affect its ability to hold a charge. In fact, gel batteries are far superior for the purpose of deep cycle applications like powered scooters and other transportation equipment because they are more stable.

Lower Maintenance

Thanks to the creation of gel electrolyte, battery designers were also able to create a completely sealed system. This means that there is no maintenance required, other than storing the battery properly. By contrast, wet batteries required users to add water and perform other regular maintenance tasks. The switch to gel means that we are able to rely more heavily on these batteries than their predecessors and they typically have a longer lifespan. High quality gel batteries are meant to last up to a year and a half with no maintenance on your part. This is ideal for those who struggle with mobility and don’t want to be performing routine maintenance tasks to keep a healthy battery.

While gel batteries are a bit more costly than wet-celled batteries of the same size, there is no denying that they offer superior performance in many applications. Gel batteries are more flexible than wet batteries, and their sealed case ensures that they are also safer for the user. They are easier to keep and you can expect them to last longer when it comes to getting the most out of your powered wheelchair. For more information about why MK Battery gel batteries are superior, visit us online or call us today.

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