Can I Upgrade My Electric Scooter Battery?

Once you’ve invested in an electric scooter, you may find that the standard battery installation leaves something to be desired. This is especially true if you have already had to replace the battery several times, or you find that the current battery does not have enough capacity to get you through your daily routine. The good news is that you may be able to upgrade your electric scooter battery with a more robust option. Here are a few questions you should be asking.

How Much Power Do I Need? 

Before you can even consider a battery replacement for your electric scooter, you first have to know the minimum requirements for your scooter brand. Start by finding out what voltage your scooter requires, and then determine what the current amp-hour rating is for your existing battery. The amp-hour rating is a loose measure of battery capacity, so when you start shopping for a new battery, you should look for one that has a higher amp-hour rating than what you currently have. If you are unsure of where to look for this information, you should speak with a battery technician who can guide you toward products that will be a good fit for your scooter. 

What Kind of Battery Should I Buy? 

Aside from buying a battery that offers a little more juice, there is also the matter of battery types to consider. If your scooter currently has a traditional lead-acid battery, you may find that upgrading to a lithium battery or a modern sealed VRLA battery can have a big impact on performance. Not only are these batteries lighter, but they also charge faster, take up less space, and may even have the ability to boost your scooter’s speed by a tiny bit. Furthermore, they require less maintenance than regular lead acid batteries, and they tend to have prolonged lifespans. 

Other Things to Look For

As you explore further battery options for your electric scooter, you should also pay attention to different brand names and whether you are buying a new or used battery.  This can save you money in the front end, but only if you are buying from a trusted dealer and brand. You don’t want to end up with a battery that was cleaned up to look new, but not properly rebuilt. Likewise, you want to be sure that the battery you are buying comes with some kind of warranty coverage in case you have problems in the future. 

Electric scooters are becoming more popular around the world, but too often the original battery options are not strong enough to satisfy regular users. If you are searching for a battery replacement that will boost the performance of your electric scooter, make sure to check out MK Battery online or contact us today. We can help you find the battery with the best fit for your scooter in no time. 

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