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MK BATTERY eStore Registration & User Agreement

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This is an agreement between MK Battery and the company referenced below ("the Customer") for the purpose of extending eStore privileges and protecting the Customer's privacy and authorized use of the MK Battery eStore. Password access to the eStore will only be activated upon receipt of this agreement executed by an authorized Company representative of the Customer.
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Authorized Representative Name: First: Last:
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MK Battery Account Number:
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The undersigned Authorized Representative of the Customer hereby represents that he/she has full authority to access confidential pricing and place purchase orders through MK Battery, and to only share password access to the MK Battery eStore with other authorized representatives of the Customer. It is the responsibility of the Customer to safeguard User Name and Password access. Only authorized representatives of the Customer, as designated by the Customer, should have access to this information. The Customer hereby accepts full responsibility for payment of any orders submitted by any individual who accesses the eStore via the Customer's user name and password. The Password should be changed immediately, by the Customer, anytime one of the Customer's authorized representatives terminates employment with the Customer or otherwise becomes unauthorized to have access to information contained on the MK Battery eStore website. This agreement authorizes MK Battery to accept eStore orders from any of the persons accessing the eStore via the Customer's user name and password.
By accepting this agreement, the Customer accepts full responsibility for safeguarding the User Name and Password to prevent unauthorized use, and assumes full responsibility for all orders placed on the MK Battery eStore website through the use of the Customer's User name and Password:
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